Our Cradle In The Trees

        How amazingly intricate this tree is how awesome it looks in its strangeness. It's familiar like a memory that has always existed in all of us an unconscious memory from our beginnings wired into us, just as much a part of us as our own genetic code. We have always had a connectedness with nature and trees especially, They have throughout many cultures held great importance, significance, power, and protection. Even worshipped by some considered sacred and held in reverence. This isn't surprising when you consider what trees were to our primitive selves. They were our homes and they provided us with shelter from the elements, safety from predators below, relief and cool shade from the warmth of the sun. They gave nourishment with there bounty of fruits and nuts and collected dew and drops of rain upon their leaves to quench our thirst. They raised us above all that was below giving us the ability to see more, see further and watch the world around us from the safe em

Focus On Today Before Venturing Into Tomorrow

New Worlds to come and the New World that was, how do we prevent past conflicts from repeating between different nations when we reach the point of human exploration and possible colonization of a new world? As space exploration speeds up and we see new possibilities not only in our home solar system but nearby solar systems with their own worlds, possibly even ones similar to earth, it's only a matter of technology and time that we will see the age of at least nearby star travel. Most definitely the terraforming of Mars and a moon base will happen within our lifetime, but how do we share these new worlds? Who will they belong to? Once upon a time, we traveled to the ends of the Earth to find it didn't actually end. A New World of vast uncharted lands and seas were discovered all within our reach, Spain, France, England all racing to claim a piece of this new world driven by greed and eventually resulting in wars and cultural destruction, the unnecessary deaths to both nati